duminică, 14 august 2011

2nd Retrofitting Cartoon Festival on Rural Housing, Iran (click)


Retrofitting on Rural Housing  

Festival Subjects: Resistant housing, the Village Safe  Retrofitting rural housing  rural architecture, old and new The role of indigenous knowledge  of rural villagers in retrofit housing

Participants can send 5 works,  joining contest is open to all the cartoonists worldwide
Art works size : Minimum A4 & Maximum A3
Works can be Original or Digital (the works in digital, must have .jpg or .tiff format and  should be scanned in 300dpi) also works must have signature on them.
"all Techniques are free"
The organizer has the complete Right to use the works in posters , brochures and etc.
Works which are against regulations or have no Entry Form wont be arbitrated.
The works which are received after deadline wont be arbitrated and will be saved for the next Contest.
The works wont be returned.
The  works which are entered to competition part will be printed in a book and The artists whose works are accepted will receive a print of it.
First Prize :1500 $ + Festival symbol
 Second Prize : 1000 $ + Festival symbol
 Third Prize :500 $ + Festival symbol
honorary Prize : Festival symbol for 10 participant
The special award of Zheevar co.
The special award of retrofitting institute
The special award of standing committee of civil defense
The special award of permanent secretariat retrofitting international cartoon festival 
deadline : 12 sept , 2011 extended to November 15 th, 2011
results : 12 october , 2011 
E-mail Address for sending works info@retrofittingcartoon.ir 
Postal Address for sending works Deldar , zheevar Co , unit 3 , 2nd floor , 198 Building , next to Tohid High school , South Shariati St, Tabriz -Iran  Tel : +984113324445 Fax : +984115546338 
Davoud Deldar - Coordinator
See, is a must: http://www.retrofittingcartoon.ir