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Vânzare record pentru o sculptură a lui Amedeo Modigliani (1884 - 1920), la Casa de licitaţii Christie's, Paris

Capul sculptat în piatră, una dintre rarele sculpturi ale autorului s-a vândut cu suma de 43,18 milioane de EUR.
Sculpturile lui Modigliani sunt foarte rare, fiind confirmate numai 27, dintre care 17 se află în mari muzee ale lumii. 
Focalizat la început pe sculptură, în parte din motive de sănătate, Modigliani a trebuit să treacă la un moment dat la pictură.

Modigliani este unul dintre cei trei mari artişti ai generaţiei sale care s-au distins prin trei mijloace de expresie diferite: pictură, sculptură şi desen. Ceilalţi doi sunt Picasso şi Matisse. 

Prezenta sculptură provine din colecţia particulară Gaston Levy, fiind înstrăinată după 83 de ani de la cumpărarea ei, în 1927, la Paris. Gaston Levy, el însuşi artist şi restaurator, l-a cunoscut pe Modigliani în perioada Montmartre a acestuia.

Sculptată între 1910 şi 1912, lucrarea reprezintă un cap având caracteristicile binecunoscute ale picturilor sale: alungirea figurii, ochii semideschişi, gura mică, trăsăturile fine, senzuale. Aspectul vertical al sculpturii este echilibrat de părul desfăşurat pe orizontală, ca fluturând în vânt. O privire de jur împrejur a lucrării evidenţiază elemente suplimentare, ce înlătură impresia de frontalitate şi confirmă faptul că lucrarea a fost creată special pentru a fi văzută astfel.

Sculptura aminteşte de influenţele ce au avut un impact important în arta sa, pictată sau sculptată: puterea senzuală a sculpturii lui Michelangello, misterul totemic al artei africane, abstractizarea şi sinteza sculpturii lui Brâncuşi. Anume trăsături amitesc de bustul reginei Nefertiti de la Muzeul Egiptean din Berlin.

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 International humour in art with with their partners Boechout Municipality, Boechout Cultural Council, DF-Boechout-Vremde and with the cooperation of the Muzeum Kolejnictwa in Warschau (Poland) are pleased to announce their :


 2. Deadline: 15th June 2011 

3. Prizes: 

1st prize: 2000 € Special Prize Museum Kolejnictwa Warszawa
2nd prize: 1500 € Prize George van Raemdonck - Boechout Municipality
3rd prize: 750 € Cultural Council
4th prize: 500 € ZEPPO
5th prize: 250 € IHA
6th prize: 150 € DF-Boechout-Vremde 
.... other prizes possible, they will be announced on the website .... 

4. Entries: 
Initially each participant can send before 15.06.2011, at most 10 works in digital form via Internet to the following address: info@iha.be The author must indicate in his e-mail the following information: his first name, last name, his complete address, his e-mail address, his phone number, his birth date, the category and the title or the number of each work. The characteristics of these electronic sending are as follows: format JPEG, good quality and max. 500 KB per picture. The organizers agree the sending of originals by post for those who do not have a computer.
Out of these e-mails the jury will make a selection of 100-150 drawings and will request from the authors of these works the sending by mail of the originals for the choice of the prizes and the publication in the
catalogue. All these originals will be shown in the exhibition and in the catalogue. Their size will be DIN A4 (210x297mm), good quality paper, not folded and without a passe-partout.
On the back side of every work must be clearly mentioned the first name, last name, complete address, e-mail address, phone number, birth date of the author, the category as well as the title or the number of the work. This deadline is 31st of July 2011. 
5. Technique: 
Free, black and white or in color, without subtitles. The organizers prefer classic cartoon artwork but digitally created works are accepted but will not be send back. They must be signed by their creator on the back side and be numbered by 1/1. Photos and copies of original works will be eliminated. 
6. Exhibition: 
The award ceremony will be held on Friday the 30th of September 2011 in Theater Boechout Vooruit, St.-Bavoplein 17, Boechout were also the exhibition will take place in the Foyer from the 1st of October until the 30th of October 2011 during the events in the Theater (see: www.Boechout.be ) and also specially on Tuesday the 4th of October (Annual Market Day and Boechout Fair) from 10 until 17 u. and on Sunday the 30th of October 2011 from 13 until 17 h.
It's foreseen to show the works in the Muzeum Kolejnictwa In Warschau Poland (opening ceremony on Friday the 18th of November 2011) and in other cities and countries. 
7. Returns: 
After these exhibitions the originals will be returned to their authors except the works selected for one of the prizes. The awarded works will become property of the organizer. The organizer cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of the return postage. 
8. Catalogue: 
The authors whose works will be selected for the exhibition will receive a free catalogue by mail together with his work(s). Prize winners will get their catalogue during the award ceremony. 
9. Results: 
The publication of the results will be done on the website www.iha.be after 30th of September 2011. The award winners selected by the jury will be personally informed by e-mail or by phone. The final decisions of the jury, which will meet on the 6th of August 2011, are incontestable. 
10. Copyright: 
The selected participants allow the organizers to use their works only for promoting the author, as well as the event. All other copyright remains property of the author. 
11. Generalities: 
The works should not have been awarded before. By taking part to this contest the participants agree to the abovementioned rules. 
12. Address to send the originals to: 
Culturele dienst gemeente BOECHOUT
George van Raemdonck Kartoenale
Jef van Hoofplein 20
B2530 Boechout
13. Further information:
Ronald Vanoystaeyen

Fifth Annual Health and Graphic Humor Contest, Spain

Fifth Annual Health and Graphic Humor Contest, on AIDS, understood as the physical and social disease and the impact that it has on developing countries, as well as sexual and condom promotion educational programs.


1. Any professional or amateur artist can participate in this competition.
2. The topic of this contest will be on Eating Behavior Disorders
3. The participants may submit up to three (3) items to the contest, with the provision that these images have not previously recieved awards in other contests
4. The works (only drawings) can be any graphic technique in single A-4 (210 mm x 297 mm) format or proportional size, in Catalan, Spanish or English.
5. All works must be submitted only via e-mail, to humorisalut@gmail.com, after being scanned at 300 point resolution in JPG (JPEG) format.
6. The submission deadline is April 8, 2011.
7. Works must be accompanied by a file which includes first and last name, address, telephone number and a photograph or caricature of the artist.
8. A prize of 1000€ will be given to the winning application and a second prize of 500€ will also be awarded.
The jury panel of may declare that there is no winner. 

9. The decision of the jury panel is not subject to appeal.
10. The composition of the jury panel will be made public after the winner is announced.
11. The decision of the jury panel will be communicated to the winner during the third week of April 2011, by email, and will then be published on the website of Humoràlia www.humoralia.org , www.udl.cat and in the media.
12. The first fifty (50) works selected will be exposed at the University of Lleida Medical School during the second half of May, 2009. furthermore, a catalog magazine with these works will be published, as well as editions of the posters. Also become part of a final book release.
13. Participation in this contest implies permission from the author's reproduction of the work presented in a book in paper form for dissemination and promotion of the contest. The organizers of the contest, agree to use these images for promoting this contest and not for other uses.
14. Participating in the competition constitutes acceptance of the contest rules in their entirety and without reservation. Any questions or conflicts will be resolved by the jury panel.

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The I st International Biennial Pastel Painting – ASPAS, Spain

ASPAS – Spain Pastel Society organize The I st International Biennial of Pastel Painting

Basic Regulations

· Works carried out in PASTEL SEC, on any medium (in case of mixed techniques, dry pastel must be the main technique employed).
· Format of the framed images: Maximum 100 cm by either side (including frame).
· The work will be presented framed and protected by glass or metacrylate.
NOTE: Painters who come from abroad will be offered the option of sending the work without framing or without glass; ASPAS will request a professional framer to frame them at an affordable price, to be paid by the artist concerned.
· Entries must be sent in a reusable rigid packaging (unless the work is to be collected personally)
· Each artist may submit for selecting up to five pictures.
· For each of the works submitted there should be attached to the registration form a picture in colour quality, minimum size 13 x 18 cm. On the back of the photo the artist must show: Artist Name / Title / Format / Economic valuation in €.
· It is essential to present the paper photos. Along with them the painters can also send digital photographs of sufficient quality (in a CD, which must be labelled with the name of the painter, the titles of works, its format and economic valuation in €., or by e-mail).
· The painters not members of ASPAS during 2010 should add a brief artistic curriculum (in English, Spanish or French).
The artists must sign a statement crediting the pastels presented are original works by the author. No copies will be accepted by other artists of any kind (past or contemporary) or works done in workshops under the supervision of another painter.
· An independent jury will select, among the nominations received, the pastels which will be exhibited. The selection jury's decisions are final.
· There will be a maximum of three pastels from each painter.

· Entry Deadline: April 30, 2011. Mailed applications must be postmarked by April 25.
· Artists will be informed of the jury's decision between 15 and 30 June 2011. The
method of payment (and the address for mailing accepted works) will be
communicated to accepted painters.
· Receiving framed works: between September 1 and 25, 2010.
· Receiving unframed works: before September 10, 2011
· Exhibition: September 30 to november 12, 2011
· Withdrawing of works: November 12, 2010

During the Biennial , various promotional and training activities will be organized : school visits, guided and commented tours, lectures, painting demonstrations, painting sessions plein air.
The Biennial will have an official section to show a representation of the pastel painters from of a guest country. HONOR GUEST COUNTRY 2011 will be FRANCE.
ASPAS will organize this official section directly in collaboration with leading French Pastel Societies.
An independent jury (different from the selection jury) will evaluate the work of the artists involved (other than the official section of the Honor Guest Country), to award various prizes to be delivered in collaboration with institutions and individuals that support this Biennial.
A) To participate in the exhibition is necessary to have paid the annual fee of 30 € for the year 2011.
B) Exhibition fees are:
· 10 € for processing the application. This amount is not refundable if not selected, and should be sent (in cash) with the application. In case of selection, these 10 € will be deducted from the payment of exhibition fees. ASPAS members with 2010 annual fee paid are exempt from this amount.
· 30 € per selected pastel (25 for ASPAS members in 2010)
ASPAS organize, with different individuals, institutions and companies, a Biennial Support Fund through the acquisition of works. The artists must indicate the economic value of their works. The painters are committed to pay to the Organising Association, under Exhibition Fees, 20% of the value of the purchased artwork.

The painters unable to be present at the time to withdraw the works should delegate to any person who can do it personally. Otherwise, ASPAS will withdraw works and forward them to the author, who should pay shipping charges. The painters that within one month (from the end of exposure) have not picked up their work or paid their forwarding shipping charges waive their rights to their works.

José del Riego
President of ASPAS- Spain Pastel Society