miercuri, 12 septembrie 2012

The First International Small Graphic Biennial - Arad (BIG-AR-01), Romania 2012

Terms and Conditions
1.      The competition is open - every creator of graphic works is welcome to participate.
2.      The goal of the Biennial is promotion of small graphic art in various form of it.
3.      The organizers: Asociatia “Filiala din Arad a Uniunii Artistilor Plastici “, supported by  Asociatia “Filiala din Arad a Uniunii Artistilor Plastici “ and Primaria Arad, Consiliul Local Municipal Arad.
4.      4. Each author may submit  a maximum of 3 individually created works corresponding with the theme of the competition (free).
5.      The works shall not extend the size A4 format (30 x 21 cm).
6.      The back side of work: name and surname of the author, technique and year of creation and size (height x width).
7.      The works should be signed.
8.      The participant agrees with the reproduction of his/her submission in catalogs, printed communication, digital publications and articles in professional journals.
9.      All graphic techniques, also including mixed media printmaking techniques, original photographic and digital creations, are accepted.
10. Mounting: The graphic works may not be framed or be mounted on a secondary support.
11. Creation date: The participating graphic works need to have been designed in 2011 or 2012.
12. The biennial art preises will be selected by the jurry . The jurry is compose by visual artists and art critics.
13. All participants selected for the exhibition will receive a catalogue of exhibition.
14. At the end of the exhibition, in term of maxim 6 months, the art works will be returned  on the
expence of the organizers, excepting donations.

Application fee
There is a EUR 20 / 50 ron entry fee for all works.
 Payment by:
 lei  BCR Arad            RO 69 RNCB 0015030321540001
euro BCR Arad          RO 42 RNCB 0015030321540002
Manner of submission
15. The entries are delivered to the Uniunea Artistilor Plastici, Arad branch at the expense of the participants.
16. The entry must be accompanied by a clearly filled-out entry form together with information about the graphic works and about the maker of it (in Romanian or English please).
17. The works should be posted in safe packages, that exclude damage.

18. The parcel must include:
               - bank transfer receipt
               - clearly filled APPLICATION FORM
               - art works
19. The deadline for delivering works is:  10 october 2012 to the following address:
Galeria Naţională de Artă Delta
Str. Mihai Eminescu nr. 2
310086 ARAD, România

Best wishes,
Curators: Adrian Sandu
                Anamaria Şerban