duminică, 6 octombrie 2013



CRISAN Publishing House and The ACCES Association – as the organizers, and the founders are very glad to invite you to participate in


Deva, Romania, December 2013

Special THEME: CRISAN Publishing House - 15 Years!


1. The THEME is CRISAN Publishing House - 15 Years! , with the subjects:

a. The Children Books of CRISAN Publishing House (books, characters, fairy-tales...).
b. Funny congratulations and wishes for our age - 15 years! (cartoons, of course)
c. Portraits of the CRISAN Publishing House founder - Horia CRISAN. 
d. Cartoons with our mascot LULI and ideas for a new logo design.

Separate of the cartoons contest, we also organize:
e. A special contest with drawings from kids, ages up until 8, with prizes consisting of Editura CRISAN’s books, in value of 500 $, on the themes from points a, b and d.
f. A contest for parents or grandparents, with short texts on the theme “What I like, what I don’t like and what I would like from Editura CRISAN?” with prizes consisting of Editura CRISAN’s books, in value of 500 $. 
Children’s drawings and parents or grandparents short texts should be sent to the email address ciprian@edituracrisan.com . The deadline is October 31rst 2013, 17:00 o'clock. For more details, follow our site, www.edituracrisan.com 

2. The 8th HumoDEVA INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST is an open competition for cartoonists all over the world. The Participation is free of charge. For all the cartoonists accepted in the contest, the drawings will be displayed FREE OF CHARGE on HumoDEVA’s site.
3. You can submit an unlimited number of entries. 
The Deadline for sending works ONLY by e-mail is October 31rst 2013 at the e-mail address humodeva@gmail.com . 
4. The works must be digitized in 300 DPI resolution, RGB color mode, in JPG format, with the maximum limit of 10 MB. Works should be accompanied by the author’s photo or caricature and a short biography in English, including date of birth, education, profession, citizenship, awards, publications and exhibitions. The contact details should also be mentioned.
5. The decisions of the Jury are final. The Jury will award the following 15 prizes for the best works, no mater the subject (see article 1):
    The FIRST PRIZE: 1000 $ and Honorary Diploma
    The SECOND PRIZE: 700 $ and Honorary Diploma
    The THIRD PRIZE: 400 $ and Honorary Diploma
    12 “Prize of Excellence”: Honorary Diploma  
     Other Special Prizes offered by the sponsors may be awarded.
6. As soon as the works arrive at us, we will select and display them in the virtual gallery of HumoDEVA2013 - CRISAN Publishing House 15 Years! , an online and permanent exhibition! So, you can visit us from time to time, to see if your drawings arrived, how many of them were selected for the contest, and if you are one of the winners! 
The monetary prizes can be paid in Deva or can be posted/wire transferred on the receiver’s expense. The organizer does not assume any liability regarding taxes or bank charges. The originals of the prize winning works should be sent in maximum two weeks from the results announcement, well wrapped and protected against damages. Attention, this is a mandatory condition for sending your money prize! The mail address for sending originals is (only for the prized cartoons, at our request): CRISAN Publishing House, Mihai Viteazu, bl 47, ap 1, 330.091 Deva, jud. Hunedoara, ROMANIA.
7. All selected cartoonists will get, free of charge, a full-color Catalogue of the Special 2013 HumoDEVA INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST, in PDF format.
8. The organizers retain the right to use all the drawings received to promote HumoDEVA competition & CRISAN Publishing House (to make exhibitions in Romania or abroad, to publish them in newspapers, magazines, books, posters, postal cards, internet, multimedia products and in any other form, without any compensation or fee to the authors).
9. For further information: e-mail humodeva@gmail.com . 
10. By submitting the works to The HumoDEVA INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST, the artists accept the decisions of the Jury and the rules printed above.

Thank you in advance and GOOD LUCK!


Horia CRISAN, Founder
Liviu STANILA, Co-founder and Art Director