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Aiming to become a pioneer of life without obstacles, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing an international congress to find solutions to the problems of the disabled. “International Congress of the Problems and Solutions of the Disabled” will be organised between October 30 and November 3, 2013, under the leadership of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. In addition to being a scientific congress,  ENGELSIZMIR 2013 is also a fair containing a series of artistic, cultural and social events. For this purpose, a cartoon contest themed “REMOVE THE OBSTACLES” has been organised.
Ten percent of the world’s population is disabled, meaning they are not able to hear, see and/or walk. They come across many difficulties in social life. When compared to the disabled in developed countries, the disabled living in Turkey are in need of great care. Most of them cannot read and they are leading their lives without any medical care. The discrimination against them and being treated as invisible lead them to live a life as invisible people. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who has established the first “Education and Cultural Complex for the Disabled” in Turkey, now wants to show the difficulties that the disabled experience with an international cartoon contest which is organised with the Güzelyalı Rotary Club. 
Now, we are inviting you to think about them. We believe that the cartoonists can enlighten the “invisible” obstacles and raise awareness regarding this matter.

The theme of the cartoon contest is “Remove the Obstacles”.

Artists from all over the world may participate in the contest. There are no restrictions regarding this issue. Each contestant can enter the contest with 5 cartoons at most. The cartoons can be previously published ones. However, they cannot be ones that have been awarded before. If they are so, they will be disqualified from the contest and the given awards can be taken back from the contestant.
1.) Original: The drawing technique is not restricted and cartoons can be either coloured or black and white. The size of the cartoons should be 29.7 x 42cm at most on an A3 sheet. Cartoons sent in such a way are preferred.
2.)  Digita: If cartoons are to be sent digitally, cartoonists need to sign their cartoons before. Photographs and/or photocopies of the cartoons will not be accepted. Cartoons should be 29.7 x 42cm at most on an A3 sheet.
3.) Online: Contestants can also enter the contest online. Cartoons can be sent using the “Cartoon Contest” menu on Cartoons should be sent in 300 Dpi, JPB or RGB formats without being zipped using programs such as Zip and Rar. The contestant will be asked to send the original copy of the cartoon via mail if it wins an award.

Cartoonists who are going to send the original or the digital copies of their work are to write their names and contact numbers on the back of the cartoon and add their photographs and personal backgrounds, bank accounts (IBAN No) and their ID Numbers. Contestants that apply via internet are to fill in the application form on
Contestants under the age of 18 should also add a document regarding their parents’ approval of them participating the contest.
Cartoons entered in the contest will not be sent back to their owners but will be used in media such as brochures and exhibitions to be prepared by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and/or Güzelyalı Rotary Club under copyright. Participants are deemed to have accepted this term.
Cartoonists who do not reside in Izmir and are awarded with a prize will have to pay their own travel and accommodation expenses. For that reason, if an award-winning cartoonist cannot participate in the award ceremony, s/he will receive her/his award via mail. Likewise, award-winning cartoonists residing in foreign countries will be able to receive their awards via banks, Western Union etc. 
The cartoons that are thought to be worthy of display by the jury will be displayed in an exhibition and will be included in an album. The owners of the cartoons will be sent a copy of the album.
On the condition that a cartoon does not meet the necessary requirements, it will be disqualified.

Güzelyalı Rotary Club,
International Engelsizmir Cartoon Contest, Cumhuriyet Bulvarı Bulvar İşhanı
No.109 Kat:2 Daire:202 Pasaport 35210 – İzmir / Türkiye.

Last Submission:  02 / 09 / 2013
Evaluation Date:  15 / 09 / 2013
Announcement of results: 18 / 09 /2013
Award Ceremony: 24 /10 / 2013

First Place: $1.500 and a plaque
Second Place: $1.000 and a plaque
Third Place: $750 and a plaque
2 Achievement Awards: $300 and a plaque
The Caricaturists’ Society Special Award: plaque

Latif Demirci ( Head of Committee ), Gören Bulut, Ertan Ayhan Sertöz, Raif Gökkuş, Engin Boğaz,
Ömer Çam, Mustafa Yıldız, Cem Güzeloğlu, Hikmet Savath


Tel: Gülşen Kitunur  (Güzelyalı Rotary Club)
Tel.+90.232. 441 30 29  Fax +90.232. 441 30 25
The terms of participation can also be downloaded from .